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Cryopreserved 2 cell mouse (B6C3F1 x B6D2F1) embryos
in a 30 embryos per straw configuration.

Great to use for bioassays to detect toxins in raw materials, media, and other contact materials in your IVF laboratory or for research.

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Preferred Method of Contact

All our cryopreserved embryos are shipped from our facility to anywhere in the world, utilizing a dry liquid nitrogen vapor shipper. Every shipment contains a Thaw Alert™ straw to monitor the temperature and to ensure the quality of your order upon arrival at your facility. Product Thawing and Dry Shipper Instructions are included.

Embryotech also offers Fresh Embryo Products upon request. They are shipped in a special container in which the embryos are kept “cool” instead of frozen.

Download Thawing Instructions Here