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Embryotech can provide high quality cryopreserved mouse embryos and hamster ova with a Simple One-Step Thawing Process. They can be used for the production of research models, conducting Quality Control Testing such as MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay), embryo manipulation practice, along with many other projects and applications.

We offer immediate delivery of cryopreserved mouse 1-cell, 2-cell and 8-cell stage embryos, as well as Hamster Ova.

1-Cell Mouse Embryos

  • Mouse 1-cell, 10 per straw (B1-10)
  • Mouse 1-cell, 20 per straw (B1-20)
  • Mouse 1-cell, 30 per straw (B1-30)
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2-Cell Mouse Embryos

  • Mouse 2-cell, 10 per straw (B2-10)
  • Mouse 2-cell, 20 per straw (B2-20)
  • Mouse 2-cell, 30 per straw (B2-30)
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4-Cell Mouse Embryos

  • Mouse 4-cell, 10 per straw (B4-10)
  • Mouse 4-cell, 20 per straw (B4-20)
  • Mouse 4-cell, 30 per straw (B4-30)
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8-Cell Mouse Embryos

  • Mouse 8-cell, 10 per straw (B8-10)
  • Mouse 8-cell, 20 per straw (B8-20)
  • Mouse 8-cell, 30 per straw (B8-30)
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  • Mouse Blastocysts, 10 per straw (BB-10)
  • Mouse Blastocysts, 20 per straw (BB-20)
  • Mouse Blastocysts, 30 per straw (BB-30)
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Hamster Ova

  • Hamster Ova, 15 per straw (VO-15)
  • Hamster Ova, 30 per straw (VO-30)
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Embryotech Laboratories can also provide many other cell stages and loads upon request.

All our cryopreserved embryos are shipped from our facility to anywhere in the world, utilizing a dry liquid nitrogen vapor shipper. Every shipment contains a Thaw Alert™ straw to monitor the temperature and to ensure the quality of your order upon arrival at your facility. Product Thawing and Dry Shipper Instructions are included.

Embryotech also offers Fresh Embryo Products upon request. They are shipped in a special container in which the embryos are kept “cool” instead of frozen.

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