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ASRM 2019

Scientific Congress and Expo

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

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October 12-16, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

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and talk to us about the Toxicology Testing services that we provide to the Assisted Reproductive Industry & Laboratories.

Assays including MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay) are used for toxicity and functionality testing of raw materials, media, labware, disposables and any device which may come into contact with gametes or embryos.

We also offer endotoxin testing via Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Assay (LAL test) utilizing a variety of assay options including Kinetic Turbidimetric quantitative and Gel-Clot qualitative testing. Embryotech is also a provider of several sperm assays including Sperm Motility Index and Sperm Penetration. Additionally, Embryotech is the leader in supplying all stages of fresh and cryopreserved mouse embryos as well as hamster ova to clinics and universities around the world