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Toxicology Testing services and Premium Provider of Embryos & Ova

We are the world leaders in providing services to the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Industry and Laboratories

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Toxicity Testing


Testing should be performed in every production lot prior to the release of any media, raw materials and medical devices that will be in contact with embryos.

Several testing procedures are well accepted by the FDA as standards. The most common testing method utilized is the MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay) method and the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL).


Contract Research Consulting


As a Reproductive Technology Industry leader, we provide consultative services and contract research to help professionals and organizations.

We aim to be your solution provider from drug discovery and development to commercial device and or stage drug efficacy.

Ready to use bicarbonate-buffered, Single-step Medium for embryo harvest and culture preimplantation mouse embryos for up to 120 hours.

Complete KSOM based Medium, no other supplements needed.

Embryo & Ova


Cryopreserved Mouse Embryo Products

Embryotech can provide mouse embryos for production of research models and/or other projects where fresh embryos are currently utilized. We are here to meet your needs regardless of strain or embryo stage.

Fresh Rodent Embryo Products

In many cases, we can fill your order for fresh embryo products upon request. Embryotech has shipping containers which “cool,” not freeze, embryos that yield very high viability on delivery.

Hamster Ova for Research

Hamster oocytes are also great research tools. For example, you can use the eggs as a practice tool for new assisted reproduction techniques such as ICSI.

*We offer small and varying quantities (customer defined) to keep cost low.

Customized Solutions for Frozen & Fresh
Mouse & Hamster Embryos & Ova

Embryotech Laboratories can also provide many other cell stages and loads upon request.

Embryotech employees are committed and encouraged to participate in quality planning and continuous improvement efforts to meet all quality, service and cost objectives.